(Campus Ambassador - Metallurgical Professionals)

In order to strengthen the relation with colleges and to reach out students, we have come up with Campus Ambassador Programme. Reaching students is impossible without the help from local students who are well versed in the art of communication or at least have the zeal to meet newer people and further improve their communication skills. Hence we invite and provide opportunity to students from each college to act as a bridge between MP and their respective college.

We want enthusiastic and reliable undergraduate and postgraduate students who are looking to develop their skills in public speaking and who can lead a team and work as its part. The Campus Ambassador Scheme gives students the opportunity to represent their institute to the outside world and engage the students comprehensively. It is a platform to meet new people and discover things. If you think that you are a driven person, someone with a lot of integrity and hungry for new experiences, we invite you to be a part of MP and join us as a Campus Ambassador.

  • Candidate should be a student in some college and at least one year is remaining before he/she pass out.
  • Candidate should have good reputation in the college.
  • Candidate should have a large network of fellow students.
  • The campus ambassador acts as a medium between MP and his/her college.
  • He/She is supposed to spread all the information we send, to all the students by any means of communication.
  • Any material related to MP the ambassador receives should be circulated or pasted in their respective college and made sure the information is publicized to the maximum extent.
  • The ambassadors will provide any information about any database and respond within the deadlines.
  • The ambassadors should try to ensure maximum participation from their colleges in all the events, workshops etc.
  • Being an Ambassador creates leadership in you. You may become an organizer for certain events. It provides an opportunity to improve your communication skills.
  • The Campus Ambassadors will be in networks with other Institution students or company professionals or scientist from research labs.
  • All the campus ambassadors will get an opportunity to associate with placement coordinators of all other metallurgy/materials institutes of India.
  • The Campus Ambassadors would be acknowledged by providing certificates from MP for your great volunteered activity.
  • Campus ambassador will be given incentives, goodies (t shirts, books, gift coupons top up vouchers etc...) and exemption in Registration fee, provided he/she should ensure good number of participants.

Become a Campus ambassador and Join with us in organizing and promoting the events. Communication skills, leadership, team work are the inherent benefits for the campus ambassador. T-Shirt, Goodies, discount coupons for attending events are the added advantages. We need a campus ambassador from each colleges across india. The participation is completely voluntary and it’s on first come first serve basis. You can become a CAMP(Campus Ambassador - Metallurgical Professionals) by clicking the button above.

  • To improve your creative and managerial skills by designing your own Material ScienceBased events in your college in collaboration with MP.
  • An opportunity to build your communication skills and enhance your confidence as you get to interact with other ambassadors and your fellow students to publicize MP in your campus.
  • An opportunity to build a strong network with other fellow ambassadors from all over India.
  • To be updated on the recent trends of technology.
  • A certificate of appreciation from MP on successful completion of your work.
  • An invitation to attend MP workshops.
  • Freebies and t-shirts as a mark of appreciation for the work done*.

*terms and conditions apply

  • You will notify the students in your institute/university about our events and activities. This includes forwarding mails to their individual mailing ID’s, publicizing our events through social networking sites and other such platforms and displaying posters; flexes or any other promotional material (that we provide) in your institute.
  • You are to co-ordinate with us in organizing workshops in local colleges, if we are to arrange such activity.
  • If we receive more than one application regarding Campus Ambassador, we will choose the required number of ambassadors we deem fit for serving the cause.
  • The Certificate of Appreciation shall be provided only on the successful completion of the complete term.
  • Metallurgical Professionals shall send all the publicity materials to the respective colleges, but will not be liable for extra cost incurred by the Ambassador.
  • Any kind of incentive is subjected to the amount of work you do and the decision is subjected to MP.